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  • What makes a good open ending
    A good open ending can be a brilliant way to conclude your story. It can create tension that the audience takes with them, allowing your story to marinate in their minds for days, weeks, or years after. However, not every lack of […]
  • Borgen Review: Is “Borgen: Power & Glory” worth the watch?
    After watching the new season of Borgen, internationally known as Borgen: Power & Glory and Danishly known as Borgen: Riget, Magten og ร†ren, I decided to share a few thoughts on it. Welcome to Borgen review ร  la Katja. If you have […]
  • Looking forward
    2021 has been a crazy year, full of self-reflection, life lessons, and personal growth. While this definitely applies to me, I suspect I am not the only one. And isn’t that wonderful? In the midst of this worldwide insanity, we have been […]
  • Which Greek God Are You?
    Welcome to the newest personality quiz! Are you ready to find out which one of the famous twelve Olympians you resemble the most? Let’s go! ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿบ
  • Writing Rituals
    Do you have a pre-writing ritual? It could be anything. Doing an hour-long yoga class or just taking your favourite pen in your hands. Preparing a cup of coffee or taking a few deep breaths. Changing your clothes or lighting a candle. […]
  • Which British Romantic poet are you?
    Today, I have prepared a fun quiz so you can see which British Romantic poet you are. Just click below to find out!