What makes a good open ending

A good open ending can be a brilliant way to conclude your story. It can create tension that the audience takes with them, allowing your story to marinate in their minds for days, weeks, or years after. However, not every lack of a substantial ending makes a good open ending. Writers need to remember that […]

Looking forward

2021 has been a crazy year, full of self-reflection, life lessons, and personal growth. While this definitely applies to me, I suspect I am not the only one. And isn’t that wonderful? In the midst of this worldwide insanity, we have been forced to turn within, reevaluate our lives, and find our tribes. In that […]

Writing Rituals

Do you have a pre-writing ritual? It could be anything. Doing an hour-long yoga class or just taking your favourite pen in your hands. Preparing a cup of coffee or taking a few deep breaths. Changing your clothes or lighting a candle. The nature of rituals This topic reminds me of writings by Richard Schechner […]

NaNoWriMo Prep

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? I loved the concept of the (inter)national novel writing month since the first time I heard about it. Which must have been quite a few years ago, in the good old days of low-waist jeans, Britney, Christina, and Discmans. I was dreaming of becoming a writer and being a […]

Finding Inspiration

It’s a funny thing, inspiration. So often, it seems like some elusive magical feeling that grants us its presence every now and then, whereas its absence makes us lethargic and the world uninteresting. Which is understandable. We connect feeling inspired with the dopamine rush of motivation we get after an idea pops into our heads. […]