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Impostor Syndrome: Writer Edition

Most of us have experienced impostor syndrome at least at some point in out lives. Furthermore, most of us are familiar with it as writers as well. So today, I will share some tips on how to deal with “impostor syndrome writer edition”.

But first things first.

What is impostor syndrome?

impostor syndrome writer

It’s a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their skills and talents and is in perpetual state of fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. So when it comes to writing, this can manifest as

  • seriously doubting your talent, skills, and yourself,
  • dismissing your accomplishments as a result of luck or coincidence,
  • being constantly anxious that someone will finally see that you “can’t really write and have been pretending all along”.

How to deal with it?

It might seem ridiculous but many writers feel this way. And, my dear friends, dismissing how you feel because it seems ridiculous will only make it worse. I speak from experience and I say this with all the love. These kinds of doubts should be dealt with. But that is easier said than done. Let’s look at a few tips that can help you.

impostor syndrome writer


Start recognizing the patterns of your behaviour and emotions. This might be you procrastinating because that voice in your head tells you that you aren’t good enough and will fail anyway. Or it might be you diving into over-preparation with hopes that this will abolish the feelings of self-doubt. Your impostor syndrome makes you avoid doing things one way or the other. Start recognizing that and you’re halfway there to making a change.


Get ready for some tough love. You cannot overcome your writer’s impostor syndrome without working on yourself in general. This is not an isolated area with an isolated problem. So I suggest you find a way to reflect on what makes you feel this way, where it comes from, etc. Sure, this might be through journaling, meditation, therapy, or overthingking at 3am when you can’t sleep. Find a way that helps you be honest with yourself and find your value. Then you can implement all of that to writing. It’s all connected, folks.

impostor syndrome writer


Whoever it is. Literally, anyone. It can be your partner, your friends, or your imaginary friends. or a random account on TikTok. Or, cough cough, Instagram writing community.

When you feel like an impostor all the time, it’s difficult to accept others’ support. But trust that there are people out there who believe in you whether you do or don’t.


And finally, we get to the most important one: acceptance. Meaning, accept that it’s normal to feel that way sometimes. You don’t have to panic and get rid of this “bad” feeling whenever you feel it. It’s okay. Just go write. Or do interviews. Or do a live on IG. Whatever. IT’S OKAY.

And, to take it one step further (because it’s me, hello): embrace it. Fine, you’re a fraud. Well, I believe you’re an awesome writer. So that makes you a great fraud! Just continue tricking everyone and be the best fraud you can be!!

You’ve got this!