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Stage IV: Meeting with the Mentor

During the Refusal of the Call we realised the adventure ahead is risky, so now would be a good time to get some guidance, advice, training, and perhaps even protective gifts with magical powers. It’s time for meeting with the mentor.

The archetype of the mentor is such a universal and rich source of material (so much so that there are many stories just about the relationship between the hero and the mentor).

It’s important to remember this doesn’t have to be a figure of a wise old man or woman. It doesn’t even have to be one single character. It’s more about the role this archetype plays in the journey of the hero. And different characters (or other phenomena) can take on that role, even at different stages of the journey.

So what is the role of the Mentor?

As the name suggests, it’s all about teaching and providing guidance or some source of wisdom and insight that the hero needs. It can include training or testing the hero. It can also include giving gifts.

The main role of the Mentor is to provide the hero with something that he or she needs to embark on this adventure, be it motivation, skill, or equipment.

Feeling stuck? Meet with your mentor

This can also be a point where writers begin to feel lost or demotivated on their writing journey. If that becomes the case, learn from the hero’s path – and meet with your mentor! Or find one – maybe right on this website ๐Ÿ˜‰

Like your hero, you are also embarking on an adventure. And just like your hero, you will go through all these stages and learn plenty of lessons along the way. How fun is that!

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