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Writing Prompts: Dialogue Edition

Dialogues can be great idea starters. There is a cool exercise you can do if you ever wish to find some story inspiration. You take a walk, maybe sit down in a cafe, ride a bus… Basically, go anywhere with a lot of people conversing. Then just listen to the fragments of their conversations. Write them down. This can be great practice for writing dialogue (but we will return to this in some later post), but it can also spark your imagination and set your idea generators in motion.

Obviously, you don’t have to do all of that every time you want a writing prompt. I’ve got you covered! Below are four dialogue writing prompts to hopefully spark your imagination and inspire some awesome story ideas. You can use them to start a scene or a story or you can write about what leads to these dialogues.

In conclusion, I hope those idea wheels are already in motion. Now, all you have to do is sit down, choose one, and write it out. Let me know which one you chose and how it went! And remember to keep coming back for more awesome writing prompts!